The research "Women in architecture" (no. GA 21-22749S) was supported by the Czech Science Foundation and is institutionally headed by the National Gallery Prague and Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The project focuses on comprehensive mapping and interpretation of women's creativity in architecture between 1945 and 2000 – within the context of socio-political changes in Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia). It aims at the interpretation in terms of history of architecture (inserting women architects into the canon), as well as interdisciplinary overlap (sociology, general history, gender studies) – topics such as the practice of the architectural profession, the education of women architects, the balance between professional and private life, and reflection and recognition of women architects (representation in museum collections, professional journals, academia, management). The project presents women across the spectrum of their roles, as architects, theorists, historians, designers, as well as public servants and mediators.


Research team

Helena Huber-Doudová

Helena Huber-Doudová

curator of the Architecture Collection of the National Gallery Prague (NGP), head of the research project


Mgr. et Mgr. Helena Huber-Doudová, Ph.D. completed her PhD studies in art history at the University of Zurich. She is co-lead of the Czech Science Foundation research project Women in Architecture after 1945 in the Czech Republic. She is the commissioner of the Czech representation at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition. Among the exhibitions she has curated are No Demolitions! Forms of Brutalism in Prague (NGP, 2020) and 1956–1989: Architecture for All. Lifestyle–Everyday–Media (NGP, 2022). She has published Shared Cities Atlas: Post-Socialist Cities and Active Citizenship in Central Europe (Rotterdam, 2019) and Modern Woman–Architect: Projection and Reality in Central Europe after 1900 (Prague, 2022).

Klára Brůhová

Klára Brůhová

architectural historian, academic and scientific researcher at VŠUP in Prague and FA ČVUT in Prague, head of the research project


Ing. arch. Mgr. Klára Brůhová, Ph.D. is an architectural historian with a focus on the history of architecture and urbanism of the 20th century. She is the (co)author of the books Praha nepostavená (2017), Pražské vize (2018), Beton, Břasy, boletice. Praha na vlnách brutalismu (2019) and co-editor Nepostavená architektura 80. let (2020), and has contributed to a number of other publications. Her current research focuses on feminist contexts of (the history of) architecture and the topic of research on women architects. She teaches at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague and at the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Prague. More information: https://www.umprum.cz/cs/lide/klara-bruhova


Petra Hlaváčková

Petra Hlaváčková

cultural theorist, curator, publicist and PhD student at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, member of the research team


Mgr. Petra Hlaváčková is architecture historian, curator and journalist, who has long been dealing with the topic of feminist approaches in art and architecture history, gender equality in urban planning and gender politics of CS state socialism. As co-founder of the 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media she was involved in creating exhibitions like Kill Your Idol (part of the Czech-Slovak pavilion for 13th Architecture Venice Biennale) or Compact City. She is editor of the Brno Architecture Manual and worked as editor for the A2 cultural biweekly and the ERA21 architecture magazine. She received international scholarships such as Aktion Österreich, Artist in Residence MQ Vienna or fellowship of Milena Jesenská in the Institute of Human Science (IWM) in Vienna. She is editor of the publication Architecture of Care (2019). Currently she studies a PhD at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) Prague.


Šárka Malošíková

Šárka Malošíková

architect and PhD student at the Czech Technical University in Prague, member of the research team


Ing. arch. Šárka Malošíková is a practising architect and a PhD student and instructor at the Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague (FA CTU). Currently, she is a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado, Denver. Her research focuses on design-build projects and architectural education in general. Two years ago, she published a book on design-build education in Europe called Navrhni a postav. Výuka design-build projektů na školách architektury (2018). She is also co-editor of Kruh – Texty o architektuře 2010-2013 (2014). She worked in several architectural offices both in Prague and abroad (e.g. Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Heiden&von Beckerath), and since 2013, she has taught in design studios at the FA CTU.

Nikola Zahrádková

Nikola Zahrádková

research assistant, documenter of the NGP Architecture Collection, member of the research team


Mgr. Nikola Zahrádková is an architectural historian, a graduate of Art History at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, specializing in Early Modern Architecture and Media Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. She is interested in the presentation of architecture in the media environment, gender issues in architecture and the history of 20th century architecture. She works at the National Gallery in Prague as a documenter and assistant to the Architecture Collection.


Interdisciplinary team

Denisa Nečasová

historian, member of a broader interdisciplinary team


Doc. Mgr. Denisa Nečasová, Ph.D., is a historian and associate professor at the Institute of History, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno.

Barbora Vacková

sociologist, member of a broader interdisciplinary team


Mgr. Barbora Vacková, Ph.D., is a sociologist and assistant professor at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University and at the Department of Civic Education, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University.

Karina Hoření

sociologist, member of a broader interdisciplinary team


Mgr. Karina Hoření is a historian and sociologist, currently working at the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Mary Pepchinsky

architectural historian, professor emeritus at the Technical University of Dresden, expert consultant


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mary Pepchinski is architectural historian, professor emeritus at the Technical University of Dresden.

Barbora Řepková

architectural historian, external collaborator of the research team


Mgr. Barbora Řepková, DiS. is an architectural historian, an art history graduate at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, where she also started her doctoral studies. She participates in projects of the National Gallery Prague and the Institute of Art History of the CAS.


Šárka Bahounková ŠB

Klára Brůhová KB

Petra Hlaváčková PH

Karina Hoření KH

Helena Huber-Doudová HHD

Petr Klíma PK

Martina Koukalová MK

Elke Krasny EK

Šárka Malošíková ŠM

Tereza Macháčková TM

Denisa Nečasová DN

Miroslav Pavel MP

Barbora Řepková BŘ

Šárka Svobodová ŠS

Barbora Vacková BV

Nikola Zahrádková NZ


David Stecker (photodocumentation, Národní galerie Praha)

Petra Hlaváčková (interview postproduction)

Marek Badinský (interview postproduction)

Graphic Studio Formall Formall (graphic and web design)

Jan Kovanda (proofreading CZ)

Awete (programming of the database)


We would like to thank all the women in architecture who decided to join our project and share information about their lives and work with us, whether by filling in a questionnaire, providing an interview or images, or by kind words and support. We would like to thank Milena Bartlová, Martina Pachmanová, Elke Krasny and Mariann Simon for their expert consultations. For administrative support we thank our colleagues from UMPRUM and NGP.

Even though we have done our best to trace the authors or copyright owners of the published photographs and plans, it is possible that we have missed someone. If this has happened, please accept our apologies or contact us.

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